Flexible Package:

Our website is considered the best Technology consulting company and the best website to hire Technology freelancers online. We have designed some very flexible plans which will help the employees to find and hire Technology freelancers online as per their needs.

1) Pay Per Ticket (PPT): If you have any technical issues in your job and you want to hire a Technology freelancer online to solve those issues then you can raise a ticket by contacting us by either Email or Phone. So, this plan is for those who want our services on a ticket basis.

2) Pay Per Hour (PPH): If you have some technical issues in your job and you want our experts for continuous Technology guidance in solving the issue then you can opt for this hourly plan. Hire a Technology freelancer online for required hours and pay only for those hours consumed.

3) Pay Per Month (PPM): If you have some major technical issues in your job and you want our experts for continuous Technology guidance in solving all the issues then you can opt for this monthly plan. Hire a Technology freelancer for the whole month and Get smooth Technology freelance support for THE complete month. Discuss issues whenever it arises.

4) Emergency Support Plan: If you are looking for some immediate solutions to solving any issue then this plan is best for you. Hire a Technology freelancer immediately. Our experts will be available on an immediate basis to solve your query.

Why TechMunus:

One of the biggest challenges, in why Big IT projects are not shared on freelancing sites, is that most of the time niche the relevant set of IT skill professionals is not available to work as freelancers.

TechMunus is considered the Best freelance Technology consulting company. TechMunus has expertise in all products of IBM, ORACLE, Microsoft, All ERP, Supply Chain, Cloud, etc. Technology as well. Step by step Technology guide and solution on all tickets of the above-mentioned companies and their product.

Our website is considered the best to find and hire Technology freelancers for implementation and outsourcing projects.

TechMunus provides skilled verified certified Technology freelancers and subject matter experts. No need to take tension regarding evaluating various freelancers at various parameters. It is time-consuming and distracting. In the IT industry, one professional may be equipped with multiple technologies. He may be good in one Technology but may not be in another. So, if the client goes with a freelancer with an overall rating, then there is a possibility, that he may hire the wrong freelancer. And hence client may lose the right Subject Matter Expert or Technology freelancer. We at TechMunus take care of everything. We will connect you with the Best Technology freelance to hire in your pre-defined budget. Who can provide Technology freelance support? Hire a Technology freelancer for implementation, who can do end-to-end complex Technology implementation projects. And will provide step by step Technology guide for all tickets.

Hire Technology freelancers online or subject matter experts after seeing the review will not be a great idea. When it comes to IT projects. Because all projects are time-bound. Hence, we provide complete customized solutions to you. We will arrange a video conference call with the subject matter expert. The client can discuss everything with him. Once the client gets satisfied with the expertise of the subject matter expert or expert Technology freelancer, then only he needs to pay.

If anything goes wrong an immediate replacement will be provided by TechMunus at no cost. The money will be released to Technology freelancers or subject matter experts at various project completion levels after the client's approval.

Features and Benefits:

v  Customized Technology freelance service online for Individual candidates & corporate client

v  Smother Flow of Project:  client can directly interact with the Certified Technology freelancer or subject matter expert.

v  No Cost Dedicated account manager for Best Technology freelance to hire.

v  24*7 Project Tracking: complete tracking of project 24*7 will be available through all sorts of communication mediums possible. 

v  Ultimate cost-effective solution: Just outsource the Technology project and there will be no cost to hire a Technology freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects. The client only needs to pay for the work done by a subject matter expert or Technology freelancer

v  Data & security challenges will be taken care of properly. Call us for details.

v  Customized Contract: We work with you to create a Master of Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW) contracts as per your needs. So that outsourcing Technology project work will not hamper your company’s security challenges. Get complete Technology freelance support. Our expert Technology freelancer will do an end-to-end implementation on complex projects,

v  No-Risk in Trial Period: If you are not satisfied with the Technology freelancer and you update us about the same in the trial period then you can choose to end the contract in the trial period with no termination cost.

v  Technology Freelancer (SME) Soft Skill Check: One of the Freelance Business Consulting Benefits with us is that Apart from TECHNOLOGY skills we also check certified Technology freelancers on soft skill parameters. Like attitude, ethical values, energy, education, English proficiency, etc.

v  Worker Classification & Compliance Services: Our compliance team protects you from misclassification risks and reduces your administrative and legal burden

v  Consolidated bills and invoices on multiple hires of Technology freelancers.

v  Technology freelance services online provide flexible plans for Individual employees and corporate clients. Pay Per Ticket (PPT), Pay Per Hour (PPH), Pay Per Month (PPM) & Emergency Support Plan, Or Customized Plan.

Consulting Range:

TechMunus provides customized Technology freelance service remotely online for Individual candidates & corporate clients. TechMunus is considered as best freelance Technology consulting company.

TechMunus has expertise in all products of IBM, ORACLE, Microsoft, All ERP, Supply Chain, Cloud, etc. Get Technology guidance in all the above-mentioned companies and its product.

TechMunus is considered the best website to find and hire Technology freelancers for implementation and outsourcing projects.  Outsource your Technology project work or task to us. Our Freelance Technology crew has deep expertise in products and solutions and can implement complex solutions and provide post-implementation project support also across anywhere in the world. Some of the areas are mentioned below:

Project management, project quality assurance development, process optimization, and system optimization, workforce system optimizations, implementations, and post-implementation support

We can provide you with architect professionals, application consultants, technical consultants, management consultants, change management consultants, project management office development & management, project management methodology training, tools, and templates, project quality assurance development, educational services, management & execution of training plans, materials, and manager and end-user training.  Functional and technical application consultants for resolving issues, application support resources for coordinating issues across other teams, and technical consulting including application Database Administrators (DBA’s) and Project Managers to provide overall management of your projects. TechMunus is considered as best freelance Technology consulting company. Our Technology freelance subject matter expert services are unmatched. They can deliver 1-hour work to a 1-year contract assignment.

FAQs to Hire Technology Freelancer:

Q. What is your Technology Freelancer vetting process?

Ans. We have pools of Industry-Specific Subject Matter Experts (Technology freelancers) having an average experience of more than 10 years. They have done a good number of implementation projects.  Technology Freelancers are tested on their technical ability, English proficiency, communication skills, and behavioral skills.

                 Application Screening

                 Implementation Exposure.

                 Hands-on Project Assessment, Capability to handle large-scale complex projects.

                 Behavioral Interview

                 Technical Interview with a Sr. Subject Matter Expert in Technology.

Q. Why we should Hire Technology Freelancer from TechMunus?

Ans. TechMunus team had extensively worked to hire technology freelancers and we have more than 100+ technology freelancers onboard. We work very aggressively and do not depend upon the freelancer applying for the job. We never consider anyone with less than 10 + years of experience. This itself avoids lots of issues. We don’t believe in showing 100 profiles and putting clients in problems to judge the best. All client for us is premium client and we will provide a Key Account Manager to all client at no cost. Our team will coordinate with you to find and understand your requirement. And then we will connect you to the best Technology freelancer. This will save you time and the risk involved, as the Technology Freelancer is already verified by us. You can take interviews and tests of the Technology Freelancer. Once you are happy and satisfied then sign NDA Directly with Technology Freelancer and start working with them in 39 hours. Payment is made to technology freelancers only on acceptance of work by the client.

Q. How much time will it take to hire a technology freelancer?

Ans. It will take 39 hours or less to hire a technology freelancer

Q. How do I hire a technology freelancer Fast?

Ans. The client should know the project from the inside out, including the size, scope, and potential for future developments. Our key account manager will coordinate and understand your requirement. After that our HR Team will arrange the best suitable person as per your requirement.

We never work with people having less than 10 years of experience. Technology freelancers will be tested on their technical ability, Implementation Exposure, Hands-on Project Assessment, Capability to handle large-scale complex projects, English proficiency, communication skills, and project management knowledge. Hence you will never face any challenge in terms of quality. You can take interviews and tests of technology freelancers. Once happy and satisfied you can sign NDA Directly with candidates and start working with them within 39 hours. Payment is made to technology freelancers only on acceptance of work by the client.

Q. How much would it cost to hire a technology freelancer?

Ans. We believe in quality. Each requirement varies in terms of the complexity of the project. The overall cost depends on factors such as the size, scope, and developmental timeline of the project. First, we will connect you with a Subject Matter Expert (Technology Freelancer) once we understand your requirement and scope, then we will charge you the best possible price. Charges Start from $25 per hour. The final cost will depend upon the complexity of the Technology project and expectations from the Technology project.

Q. What is the process for dispute and dispute resolution?

Ans. Most of the disputes can be resolved by contacting the technology freelancer. In case of an unresolved dispute raise a ticket to us and our key account manager will get in touch with you to resolve disputes. You can always request a revision.

Q. Will my intellectual property and confidentiality be protected?

Ans. We strictly advise you to sign a direct NDA with the technology freelancer. This way you can make sure your intellectual property and confidentiality will be protected.

Q. How to become a technology freelancer for TechMunus? What are the eligibility criteria?

Ans. You need to have 10+ years of experience. Communication skills and behavioral skills must be good. If you think you match these conditions. Kindly drop your cv to contact@TechMunus.com

Q. What are the locations from which we can hire technology freelancers?

Ans. We can provide technology freelancers from these countries India, Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Denmark, Bahrain, JAPAN, South Korea, UAE, Switzerland, Kuwait, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Belarus, Luxembourg.

Q. I want to hire a large development team. Can you help?

Ans. Yes, we will. We have lots of big mainly cross-functional teams, and we’ll help you to build a large team. We will provide you with a detailed and free estimate of costs and a realistic ramp-up time for the team you are looking for.

Q. Why are TechMunus rates so competitive?

Ans. TechMunus hire technology freelancer directly no third party is involved. We maintain a good relationship with our technology freelancers by providing them payment on time plus a perfect working environment. Our cost is competitive because we reduce the risks associated with poor hiring, filtering Resources for culture, capability, and character, being selective about the clients we work with, and minimizing risks of doing business due to delayed payments from clients.

Q. More Questions?

Ans. Kindly mail to contact@TechMunus.com

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